Lambrusco's Door


The walls, or boundaries, of a modern city are ideally delineated by a ring road and the new gates to the city are now in the form of roundabouts.
As part of the urban furnishing policy that led to the creation of several roundabouts in the main points where the city can be accessed, the Municipality of Modena accepted the proposal of Consorzio Marchio Storico del Lambruschi Modenesi to erect an artistic work reflecting the production of Lambrusco wine in the area, in the middle of the roundabout situated between Via Vignolese and Nuova Estense.

Designed and created by Modenese artist Erio Carnevali, this work combines all the sensations aroused by a large bunch of solid glass grapes in the colours of wine, melted and moulded by master glassmakers.
The “Vignolese-Ring Road” roundabout, crossroads for entrance into Modena and link with the main thoroughfares, thus becomes a sort of showcase for one of the most deserving and recognizable products in the province thanks to the work designed by master Carnevali: a huge bunch of Lambrusco grapes made of Murano glass.

The reasons
For the past forty years, Consorzio Marchio Storico dei Lambruschi Modenesi has been committed towards guaranteeing the quality and recognizability of one of the most prestigious products of the Modenese area, a product that is known throughout the world, standard-bearer of the excellence and traditions of our land. 
Creation of this Porta del Lambrusco, or Gate of Lambrusco, highlighted by the gigantic bunch of grapes, does not merely promote and publicize the Consorzio, but the entire area of Modena, cradle of the production of our wine. Commissioned by the Consorzio and by the Chamber of Commerce, and donated to the Municipality of Modena, the purpose of the sculpture is to promote Modena as “Terra del Lambrusco” (Land of Lambrusco) with a highly suggestive artistic representation that reminds all those who come to our city of the princely productive vocation of our land: grapes and Lambrusco. 
The work (with the logos of Consorzio Marchio Storico dei Lambruschi Modenesi and the Chamber of Commerce of Modena alongside) possesses incredible promotional potential while adding to the artistic heritage of the city. Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna also contributed towards its creation.

The message
The Big Bunch of Grapes symbolizes a wine that’s the only one of its kind in the world and is known in over forty different countries. However, the intention is not merely to represent the commercial image of this wine, but also the passionate work of a great number of people, the bond amongst all phases of the production cycle, the spirit of collaboration that has existed for so many years between the producers and bottling enterprises in an on-going endeavour to improve the quality of the product.
The size of this bunch of grapes also highlights the economic weight that grape and wine production has in the Modenese economy, both as to number of enterprises involved and all the ancillary industries it creates. It pays homage to all those who have tenaciously and passionately worked to achieve the success of this wine. With its lightness, elegance and freshness, the intention is also to tell of the past, present and the future of a product of excellence from the Modenese territory, i.e. Lambrusco PDO in its four different types, Lambrusco di Sorbara, Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce, Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro and Lambrusco di Modena. 
Lambrusco was born here, in this land, and has conquered the world with its unique and likeable characteristics, its effervescence, elegant fragrances and moderate alcoholic strength, but also thanks to the incredible entrepreneurial ability that the Modenese have demonstrated in this field as well.

The sculpture
The work represents a slightly slanting bunch of Lambrusco grapes twelve metres high and little more than six metres wide at the top. There are 240 grapes of different shapes and sizes, all in blown glass and made in the glassworks of Murano by a team of glassmakers selected for their skill and professional abilities. 
The leaves are of various different sizes and are made of copper, particularly reminiscent of the colours of autumn. Mostly arranged “naturally” on the uppermost shoot of the bunch, some of them also provide a protection for it from adverse weather conditions. From certain aspects, the colours are true to life while for others, they express the meaning that Carnevali wished to give to the work, underscoring the sense of light (with the amber tone) that pervades the work with delicacy through the different effects achieved by the transparency of the glass. There are also shades, like the orange and amethyst tones, that are only reflected through the grapes at sunset. 
It’s an imposing work, one of the largest, if not the largest in the world to bear the prestigious Murano glass logo.
To complete the effect, a smaller Shoot erected in another area, near to the roundabout, seems to mark out the territory and prepare the visitor for the large sculpture.