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History and characteristics

Lambrusco is a wine possessing many remarkable and original qualities and occupies a unique position among wines in general.
Just think: a lightly bubbly red!

In all probability its special character is the result of a highly fortunate combination of soil, climate and the personality of the Emilian people, whose spontaneous hospitality and generosity are matched only by their candour and frankness.
All of Emilia, the city of Modena in particular, is rightly proud of this local product: its people don't only drink the wine but felle a deep affection for it.
We say Modena in particular because this city is the cradle, the true homeland of Lambrusco wine, as is confirmed by a large number of historical sources.

But there's another reason why we are proud, perhaps even a little possessive of Lambrusco: the word Lambrusco refers to a group of similar, but not identical vines and it is Modena that has witnessed the development of what have always been judged to be the most noble grape varieties. The "aristocracy" of Lambrusco wines are specifically cited in historical records and can be justifiably considered the "ancestors" of the three types of DOC Lambrusco that are safeguarded by our Consortium With its cheerful, hearty and undemanding personality, this versatile wine is a treat on any occasion. It's not surprising then that Lambrusco has made so many friends, even beyond the confines of its Emilian birthplace.

And it's no mere chance that, from the 70s onwards, it quickly became the best-known and most widely consumed Italian wine in the world. For this friendly wine wins you over with it lively effervescence, instilling a sense of well-being ang good-humour.

Over the centuries, the gradual development from its ancient, noble origins has left the special characteristics of Lambrusco essentially unaltered, with wine-makers preferring to perfect and refine them.