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"With the new Rural Development Plan will come to agriculture Modena over 100 million euro; resources that go in the right direction because reward crops specialize in quality, always a strength of agriculture Modena."

This positive view expressed by Luca Gozzoli, Agriculture Councillor of the Province of Modena, about the new 2014-2020 programming of the Rural Development Plan approved by the Emilia-Romagna that offers companies in the region of 1 billion 190 million euro, 140 million more than in the previous seven years. Of these resources, 513 million are made by European funds, 474 from state resources, while 203 in the regional budget.

Gozzoli reports a resources increase comparing 93 million euro arrived with the Plan 2007- 2014 for the companies, in addition to the resources to earthquake damage and the flood. But what counts most - added Gozzoli - is that, thanks to the European Parliament and gevernament work, we are able to correct the initial setting of the PAC, which the Plan rural springs, which at first favored the 'extensive agriculture than specialized as ours. "

This means "more resources for the many initiatives: tech modernization, much more support for aggregation, for organic farming, the preservation of rural areas against the hydrogeological, mountain farming and GAL activities, a proper recognition to chain projects, including those of the Parmesan, wine, meat and vinegar that are the excellence of Modena, without neglecting the effort to promote generational change. Perhaps this is the most difficult challenge that awaits us in the coming years. They will be awarded to the young people setting up in agriculture as indeed has plans with the Government's plan to grant young agricultural land state property."

Gozzoli also welcomes the Region announcement about the effective de-bureaucratisation of the practices, "this process - concludes Gozzoli - where the Province, who knows closely the needs of farmers, can make a contribution for the ongoing revision of entity role.”